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Manage user accounts

How to create a new user account

  • You need to be site manager to have the permission to see and manage the list of user accounts on your Lino site.

  • Select Configure ‣ System ‣ Users in the main menu

  • Click the insert button in the toolbar or hit the Insert key.

  • Lino opens the following insert window:

    New User
    Username: ____ e-mail address: ____
    First name: ____ Last name: _____
    Language: _____ User type: _____
  • Fill out the fields of the insert window and hit the Create button to submit the window.

How to change your password

  • Click on the My settings quick link in the main page, or select My settings from the user menu.

    Lino will show the My settings window of your user account.

  • Click on the * button in the toolbar.

  • Lino opens the following dialog window:

    Change password
    Current password: ____
    New password: ____
    New password again: ____
  • Enter your current password, then (twice) your new password.

  • Hit ENTER or click the OK button.


  • Changing your password does not cause your session to sign out. You will need your new password only when Lino asks you to sign in again. Depending on the site’s configuration that might happen only when you signed out explicitly.

  • A site manager can invoke that action on any user, and they can leave the Current password field empty.

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