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The addresses plugin

The lino_xl.lib.addresses plugin adds the possibility of having more than one postal address per partner.

When this plugin is installed, your application gets a “Manage addresses” button in the overview field of a partner.

See also Multiple addresses.


address fields

The database fields that make up a postal address. Here they are:

>>> sorted(addresses.Address.ADDRESS_FIELDS)
['addr1', 'addr2', 'city', 'country', 'region', 'street', 'street_box', 'street_no', 'street_prefix', 'zip_code']

Each partner object has these address fields, and each address record has them. The address fields of a partner always contain a copy of the partner’s primary address.

address record

One of possibly many addresses of a given partner. Stored using the Address model. Implements lino.utils.addressable.Addressable.

Inherits fields from lino_xl.lib.countries.CountryRegionCity (country, region, city. zip_code) and lino_xl.lib.contacts.AddresssLocation (street, street_no, …).

primary address

The address that is used as the primary address of a given partner.

Technical documentation

See addresses : Multiple addresses per partner.