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The uploads plugin

The lino_xl.lib.uploads plugin adds functionality for uploading files to the server and managing them.

It defines the memo commands [upload] and [gallery].


upload entry

A database record that represents an independent media file that has been uploaded to the Lino site either via the web interface or as a library file.

upload file

A synonym for upload entry.

uploads folder

The root folder below which all uploaded files are being stored on the server.

We differentiate between web uploads and library uploads. They look quite similar to the end user who may even ignore that difference. But they differ by the way they arrived to the server. Web uploads were uploaded manually by some user via the web interface, while library uploads have been discovered by Lino in a library volume. Web uploads are stored below the uploads folder while library uploads are stored below the folder given by their library volume.

A third type of upload files are fileless uploads. Yes, you can even have upload files without an actual file. This represents the fact that some external document exists, but just hasn’t been digitalized. There are people are interested in this kind of fact ;-)

All upload files are stored in a single database table called Upload.

An upload file is usually linked or associated to another database object that represents its “reason of being”. We call this other database object the controller of our uploaded file.

library volume

A folder in the file system where library uploads are stored.

The site manager can configure library volumes via the menu command Configure ‣ Uploads ‣ Library volumes. Lino watches the files in the folder tree of a library volume and can automatically create an upload file for every new file.

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