About the Lino documentation

The Lino documentation is written distributed in several documentation trees, each of them designed for different audiences:

documentation tree

A stand-alone hierarchy of content pages that are rendered as a website or a book.


Abbreviation for documentation tree.

The source code of these documentation trees is published in code repositories as free content under the same licence as the source code of Lino itself.

developer guide

A doctree designed to be used by application developers.

user guide

A doctree designed to be used by end users.

reference documentation

A section of documentation pages that are intermediate between developer guide and user guide.

Reference documentation is not only for developers, it can be a valuable help for support providers and motivated key users.

Reference docs contain class descriptions for database models and data views.

Reference docs are not translated like the user guide.

local help pages

A doctree that is automatically generated by every Lino site. These pages are what opens when you click the help button (?).

See also About local help pages.