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Manual testing suite

This document contains instructions for contributors responsible for manual testing.

Getting started

  • Choose one of the site listed on Public demo sites

  • Together with your team, and decide which sites need testing

  • Start reporting issues.

Multiple addresses

Here are some tests for the lino_xl.lib.addresses plugin.

For each of the following items, open the Manage addresses window, do what the items says, then close the window and check that the partner’s overview field has been updated correctly:

  • edit the primary address (the partner’s address should change accordingly)

  • make another address primary (the partner’s address should change accordingly)

  • edit a non-primary address (should not update the partner)

  • uncheck the primary checkbox of the primary address (so that there is no primary address, which means that the partner’s address should become empty)

Directly edit the address fields of a partner. The primary address should get updated accordingly.