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Payment orders

Register a payment order

  • In the Journals table of your dashboard, click on the insert button behind the journal where you want to add your payment order.

  • Alternatively, select Accounting ‣ Accounting ‣ XYZ Payment Orders in the main menu and then hit the Insert key or click the insert button in the toolbar.

  • Lino opens the following insert window:

    New Payment Order
    Entry date: ____
    Narration: ____
  • Fill out the fields of the insert window and hit Ctrl+S or click the Create button to submit the window.

  • Click on Suggestions in the Workflow field in the upper area. Lino opens a data window with booking suggestions, i.e. movements that are potential candidates for payment.

    Select one or several movements. Click the Fill button (flash) in the toolbar. Lino closes the data window with booking suggestions and returns to the detail window with your payment order. The selected bookings have been added.

  • Alternatively (if you prefer to manually select suggestions for individual partners) press F2 in the Partner cell of the phantom row and select a partner. If the partner has only one open movement, Lino will fill the payment for this movement. If the partner has multiple open movements, click on Suggestions in the Workflow cell next to the partner and proceed as in the previous step.

  • Register your payment order by hitting Ctrl+X or by clicking on Registered in the Workflow field. See also Registering a voucher.

Configure payment orders

You must create one payment order journal for each bank account on which you plan to use payment orders.

  • Select Configure ‣ Ledger ‣ Journals in the main menu to open the data window of your journals.

  • To configure an existing journal, double-click on the journal to open its detail window.

  • To create a new payment order journal, hit the Insert key or click the insert button in the toolbar.

  • In the detail window check the following fields:

    • Organization: the bank institution that is to execute orders in this journal.

    • Account: should be “(43xx) Pending payment orders”

    • Trade type: should be “Bank payment orders”

    • Voucher type: Payment Order (lino_xl.lib.finan.PaymentOrdersByJournal)