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VAT declarations

Configure your VAT declarations journal

  • Select Configure ‣ Ledger ‣ Journals in the main menu to open the data window of your journals.

  • Double-click on the journal named “VAT declarations” to open its detail window. If there is no such journal, create it.

  • Check the following fields:

    • Partner: the national tax office that will receive declarations in this journal. The difference between due and deductible VAT of every VAT declaration will be booked as a debit or credit against this partner.

    • Voucher type: should be “XXX VAT declarations” (where XXX is your national VAT module)

    • Account: should be “(4513) VAT declared”

    • Trade type: should be “Taxes”

Register a VAT declaration

  • In the Journals table of your dashboard, click on the insert button behind the journal where you want to add your VAT declaration.

  • Alternatively, select Accounting ‣ VAT ‣ Belgian VAT declarations in the main menu and then click the insert button in the toolbar or hit the Insert key.

  • Lino opens the following insert window:

    New Belgian VAT declaration
    Start period: ____
    End period: ____
  • Fill out the fields of the insert window. Leave the End period empty when it is the same as the Start period.

  • Hit Ctrl+S or click the Create button to submit the insert window.

  • Note the “Movements” panel, which says “No data to display”.

  • Hit Ctrl+X to register the declaration.

  • Note the “Movements” panel, which now shows the ledger movements booked by this declaration.

  • Switch to the Values tab to see the detailed for every field of your declaration.

  • Use your tax office’s normal procedure to introduce your declaration.

Using multiple VAT journals

You may ask your server administrator to install an additional national VAT modules and then have one VAT journal for every national tax office.